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  • Gold Suppliers > Ningbo Boly Medical Equipment Co., Ltd > Cannulate drill

    Contact: Grace
    Tel: 0574-62481886
    Fax: 0574-62481880

    Cannulate drill

    Cannulate drill
    • Brand Name : Boly
    • Category : Medical devices/Orthopedic Devices
    • Place of Origin : Zhejiang
    • Standard : Clase II
    • Supply Ability : 300pcs per month
    • Performance and Composition : imported motor
    • Payment : 100% TT
    • Scope : Trauma procedures
    • Description :


       Applied to various intramedullary pin or kirschner wire fixing operation easily and conveniently. 







      More suited to the domestic medical standards for the operation power

      Axial run-out of eccentricity is within 0.05mm,Rotating speed can be reached at 600rmp , Torque is larger than 3.2 N•M for product, Supporting the interface of the brand products.

      Full-sealed manufacturing technology for electric motor more complies with the requirements of high temperature and high pressure disinfection.

      Semi-luster surface treatment technology gives the operator more comfortable operation.

      4.0mm hollow for all brand guide needles to pass through.





      Item No. Max no-load speed Radial run-out Axial movement Torque No-load noise
      BL1101 700rpm ≤0.1mm ≥3.2N·m ≥3.2N·m ≤75dB(A)



       CE No.:CN15/20931     FDA No.:3011495120     ISO13485 No:CN15/20930


      There are many packing ways.

      1)white/color box packing 

      2)sterilization case packing :the key, the sterilization channel ring, the drill bits, and handpiece and other tools can be put in the sterilization case toghter, then it 's easy to sterilization products.

      3)Aluminium carring box packing

      For more products, please contact our sales.

    Contact Info
    Contact: Grace
    Tel: 0574-62481886
    Email錛?/td> sales@bolymedical.com
    Fax錛?/td> 0574-62481880
    Web site錛?/td> http://www.bolymedical.com
    Add錛?/td> Weijia Village, Moushan town, Yuyao,
    P.C.錛?/td> 315400
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